February 15, 2007

REVIEWS: A Little Bit of Eastern Culture & A Little Bit of Arcade History

From time to time, I'm going to briefly review the books, comics, movies, TV shows, and action figures that are currently entertaining and/or inspiring me. In a roundabout way, this will give you an idea of what might be influencing me these days, even if it isn't readily apparent.

Today's offerings include an illustrated book and a video game anthology...

* * *

The Little Book of Hindu Deities, written and illustrated by Sanjay Patel (144 pages, full color, $14)

After reading an article about this book and checking out the author's website, I could not resist buying a copy. Patel, who works for Pixar as an animator and storyboard artist, created this book on the side to showcase his heritage, influences, and mad skillz. He also made this book so that I would loathe my own lack of talent. The writing is lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek, and the illustrations are charming and expressive.

Verdict: Awesome. Find it for a few bucks less at one of the usual online vendors and BUY IT!

For More Eastern Religion Mixed With Pop Culture: Vimanarama by Grant Morrison and Philip Bond (104 pages, full color, $12.99)--easily one of my favorite comics of the past couple years.

* * *

Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 (For Playstation 2 or Xbox, $19.99 )

This anthology contains numerous games from the prestigious history of arcade giant Capcom. With 20 games showcasing everything from bonafide blockbusters (Strider, Super Streetfighter II Turbo) to beloved cult classics (King of Dragons, Captain Commando, Magic Sword) and obscure gems from Capcom's past (Avengers, Quiz & Dragons) this anthology provides a veritable cornucopia of sprite-based goodness. That's right, a veritable cornucopia. And the great thing is, these are perfect arcade ports, which means unlimited continues! For once, my complete lack of game does not hinder me!

Verdict: Awesome. Buy it and relive your days of boundless arcade glory.

For More Boundless Arcade Glory, Good Sense Requires You To Try: Capcom Classics Collection Volume 1 (For Playstation or Xbox, $19.99). Dude. Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Streefighter II--need I say more?


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

I used to skool Hensley at Strider (taking turns) in the arcade. But where's BIONIC Commando?!

J.Ho said...

the arcade version of bionic commando is available on capcom classics volume one!

Anonymous said...

After seeing the Little Indian Deities book, I had to check it out.. and now I've bought it, great artwork. Thanks buddy!!!

Any other art of books ya can reccomend?

J.Ho said...

SMB! thanks for dropping by man. i'm glad you got that hindu deities book--i should've known you'd dig it on account of the chibi-like asthetic. as for other art books...

if you like manga: one piece color walk (two volumes)

for mecha: macross design works

for character design: capcom design works, capcom design works: early days, street fighter: eternal challenge

for the hep cat: bottomless cocktail: the art of shag, supersonic swingers: new works by shag

for foxxy pin-up art: chromaphile