March 23, 2007

I'll Fix You Good!

Character of the week, for Rick's character design blog--a mechanic:

click above for larger view

I started off with a very rough pen sketch, which I scanned and inked over in Photoshop. The colors are a bit lackluster, and I think if I had to do it again, I'd leave the line art in black. I am a man of few words today. Go, and be merry, dear Reader!


Anonymous said...

The overall effect here is good. Not a completely captivating piece, but a solid one. I am surprised and horrified you put no spin on this character whatsoever. Where's the mechanic that's also a ninja? That wrench is just begging to be used as a thrown weapon or tied with some length of fan belt with another wrench @ the other end for makeshift nunchaku/numdchucks (added that last sp3lling just for you). Or what about a zombie mechanic working on Mad Max/Roadwarrior-like vehicles in a post-apocalyptic warzone? Or a pirate with a wrench-hand instead of a hook? Or a robot with multiple arms, each equipped with a different tool?

Pneumatic drills can also make seriously effective torture devices. Why not a medival-looking torturemaster doing something creepy with a pneumatic drill to Speed Buggy?

Instead, we get... a mechanic.


Again, a solid effort, tho. I really like the pastel-like handling of the colors. The lighting seems solid on the man, but then is jff from him and the wrench.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

LOL thats a sweeping statement to make. He could be a serial killer, on his way to knock someone out!!!

Look at those eyes!!!!!! Intense. And he's old!!!


illgnosis said...

I already gave you my comments on IM... I am just gonna say .. MORE.. Draw MORE you bastard!

Anonymous said...

Creepy old mechanics don't make good serial killers. They make better molesters.


J.Ho said...

charles: if you look back at my other character of the week entries, i tend to play it pretty straight. usually, left to my own devices, i would draw a crazy mechanic x [fill in the blank], but i try and take these challenges as a chance to draw something that i usually wouldn't--in this case a normal, albeit creepy, mechanic.

Super-Munkyboy: lol... it's always funny to me what does and doesn't stike a chord with people--across the board, people have been creeped out by those eyes!

illgnosis: you too, sucka!

me: he's not a molester! gross!

rick: his hand is relaxed, cause he's playing it cool. but if he doesn't get that meth... *SHAKES WRENCH*