April 02, 2007

Bear With Me For A Moment...

Posted early from an undisclosed remote location. I GOTS THE COMPUTER PROBLEMS!

Sometimes I get an IM first thing in the morning from Kevin, and he says something like, "I need you to draw Lawyerbear real quick," without offering any further explanation. Frankly, no further explanation was needed:

click above for larger view

I'm proud to say that the black and white version of this sketch was the very first illustration of Lawyerbear. You can see it here.

Proof that Kevin is Lawyerbear's daddy is here.

Be Lawyerbear's internet predator/fakefriend here.

And most importantly, visit the official site for more Lawyerbear art: www.lawyerbear.org


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

I added Lawyerbear to my e-zine's MySpace. What more need I say? Good work.

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I like that sketch. Menacing but a little haggard from lawyering.

Love the fish and honey spilling out of his briefcase as well.

ren said...


but yours is nicer.

but this is not a competition.

but yours is still nicer.


i can't even win in an arguement with myself.

J.Ho said...

hahaha... thanks everyone!

J.Ho said...

and ren, i like your lawyerbear, dammit!