May 11, 2007


A while back, I was IMing with Charles, and he suggested that I draw a mystical fish. I recalled this whilst trying to think of a simple subject for a vector sketch, and so:

Sketched loosely in Photoshop, and inked and colored in Illustrator. After my previous attempt at vector illustration, I decided to make things simpler and more stylized. Though I think in this case, I went a little too simple. Ah well, damned if you do, damned if you don't. I shaded this guy using some techniques that I have observed in the better executed vector illustrations of others. As far as the colors go, I'm basically satisfied, though I wasn't quite sure what to do with the gills (and I think it shows) and the eyeballs lack the illusion of depth that I was going for.

More vector stuff to come. By the way, in case you didn't know, that thing on his head is an ankh.

Post Script: Charles said he was going to write a profile for this little guy, but he's been having some computer troubles, so there's gonna be a little delay on that. I will post an update when he can get around to it!

Well thankfully, Charles got his computer in order, and he posted the mystical fish's extensive background story, entitled "The Children of the Gods"!
Go read it! Go!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about not being able to write up the story to this little guy just yet. I'm having to run my comp in safe mode as it keeps crashing. Seems the virtual memory is damaged and may have corrupted small bits of the hard drive. I've got things under way to fix it, but it will take a tad bit of time. I really wanted to get a background written up for Ankh-Fish by today, but it's such a pain going online via safe mode right now, added with my overall frustration of having to deal with the comp in general, keeps me away from doing so and writing other things.

As soon as I'm up and running again, I'll post the tale of this little guy and maybe you can post it as a mid-week bonus-post or something. Wuxia and mythology, especially Egyptian, will most certainly play a role in this little guy's life.

With apologies and promises,

~ charles

illgnosis said...

You vector skill are getting stronger. I need to show you how to make brushes with thicks and thins.
it would really help with something like this.. but lookin good meng.

J.Ho said...

charles: no worries and no rush my friend. when you get your computer situation in order, i will do a new post w/ your background story and a link back to the art.

illgnosis: thanks man--coming from my vector mentor, that's quite a compliment! and yes, i definitely need to experiment with the different brushes.