May 18, 2007

I don't actually have a magenta hoodie or red hair... or neon skin... or a turquoise shirt...

Taking a break from vector art and He-Man--a self portrait to appease my tremendous ego:
click above for larger view

This started out as kind of a quick random sketch done for the sake of fulfilling my Friday post (hence the self-deprecating word balloon and the super hi-larious t-shirt text). I felt somewhat lukewarm about it, until I stumbled upon the idea of using an abstract color scheme. Now I'm actually pretty happy with it.

The style of this piece resembles an Oekaki, but rather than using a dedicated Oekaki program or interface, I just used the pencil tool in Photoshop to sketch and color this. The simplicity of sketching with the pencil tool is something I've been enjoying, and I dig the pixelly pseudo-16-bit look.

Post Script: Perhaps you've noticed the advertisement on the sidebar for Skill City? Check it out--it's free and fun, and... what do you know, my dear friend and longtime crony Jacob designed 90% of the visuals. Seriously, it's good stuff, and I will gladly play anyone a game of Librum Confundo! My screen name on Skill City is "Ohsnap"--drop by and say hi!

**EDIT** It was brought to my attention that I should have warned people that Skill City is for Windows only. Sorry!

**EDIT#2** For whatever stupid reason, I had comments on this post turned off. I am an idiot. Comment away, if you so desire. Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience!


annie said...

bloggers do it regularly. wua ha ha!! ooh you got me! just as long as you don't spill the beans on our VERY SPECIAL T-shirt idea. i got a another winner idea for that btw. but i'm not gonna spill the beans on this comment.

J.Ho said...

you spill beans for a living, i say! but we do need to get moving on those t-shirts ones of these days.