June 10, 2007

The Bare Minimum

Posted WAAAY early, so that I can concentrate on other BS.

Ballpoint pen and red sharpie, done in one shot, no preliminary pencils. Minimal Photoshop cleanup:

click above for larger view

I don't show it much on this blog, but I do play around with different styles a lot when I'm sketching. In the midst of my on-going plumbing/garbage-carpet crisis, I have focused on doing simple pen drawings to keep me sane. Doing these minimalist pen drawings without making major mistakes is a zen-like exercise that helps keep me from moidalizin' everything around me. With this particular comic, I think I was subconsciously swiping/homaging the style of my good friend Annie, of Ape Kabuki. However, her comics are simultaneously better, funnier, and more enigmatic. Stop looking at my crap, and go look at her blog!


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

this is ur best stuff to date

u should keep doing this type of stuff

J.Ho said...

lol... thanks man. i probably will try to do more like this--it's a good way of "taking a day off" but still doing some drawing, IE a break from the grind of researching and meticulously coloring obscure he-man characters--a task i love, but which takes some amount of effort.