July 13, 2007

K.J. stands for...

As Comic-Con preparations have me somewhat busy, here's another older piece, done for the cover of a mini-comic called Kid Justice:

click above for larger view

The actual Kid Justice story was written by Josh, drawn by Vinny, and published by Big Boss Comics. Incidentally, the Presidential seal in the background of my cover was snagged from one of Vinny's panels inside the comic. The story (and a black and white version of my humble cover) are going to be included in a Big Boss Comics anthology, which will be on sale at Comic-Con. More on that (and my other Comic-Con happenings) as Comic-Con gets closer.


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

But what about Comic-Con? You didn't seem to mention it here.

J.Ho said...

see today's post! ;)