August 09, 2007

Necessary Evil Character Files (Part 1 of 7): WE'RE TWINS!!!

(Posted slightly early, because I feel like it.)

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned my buddy Josh's upcoming comic Necessary Evil? Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting the character designs that I did for Josh, talking a little bit about the characters and plot of Necessary Evil, and reminding you ever so subtly to ask your local comic shop to order Necessary Evil #1 (which just so happens to be in this month's Previews catalog). Oh, and before I start plugging the comic, in the interest of full disclosure, I ought to mention that Josh is crediting me as editor. But I don't get any money from Necessary Evil, so I hope you'll take my recommendation of the book sincerely.

First up, the main characters--twin brothers, Jacob and Miller.

click above for larger view

Jacob and Miller are the sons of the Matriarch, a woman widely regarded as the world's greatest super-villain until her untimely death at the hands of a super-hero. Years after the death of their mother, the twins receive an invitation to attend the Necessary Evil Academy, a school for super villains. This school becomes Jacob and Miller's introduction into the world of heroes and villains and serves as the keystone of the series. The twins are polar opposites--where Jacob is cautious, reluctant, and unsure of fulfilling his villainous heritage, Miller is wreckless, bloodthirsty, and eager to prove himself. In spite of their differences, the boys are fiercely loyal to each other, and over the course of their stay at the Necessary Evil Academy, that loyalty will be tested again and again.

Necessary Evil is published by Desperado, and the first issue ships in October. You can read an article about Desperado right here on Newsarama. It includes a brief mention of Necessary Evil!

Pssst... go ask your local comic shop to order Necessary Evil #1. It's on page 265 of August's Previews, and the Diamond order number is aug07 3547.

See, real subtle like.


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

sweet. if i punch one will the other get hurt? or maybe if i punch you? com'ere, jason... lemme punch you. PUNCH YOU GOOD!

Unknown said...

you read HArry Potter. I fell betrayed somehow.
nice drawing though.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. So this is for a comic you're working on now?

:-) By the way, Skaldor is up as is the next rounds poll. HOpe you have time to pop in.

Don Chente said...

Can't wait to see these guys in stores! :D

J.Ho said...

lord shen: o_o

rick: hahaha, thanks, ya nut!

patreek: well, i did the initial character designs, but now all i do is edit the book.

don: ;)