September 07, 2007

That Guy

I was hanging out with my old crony Jacob, and was struck by inspiration. Here's a sketch of Jacob himself, saying something that he would say:

This is a straight up pen sketch, with verrry little touch-up. Colored in Photoshop, naturally. I'm not much for drawing portraits or caricatures usually, but every now and then I get an uncharacteristic flash of inspiration--those of you who know Jacob in "RL", will, I hope, find this to be a pretty decent likeness.

Check out Jacob's Blog, but only if you like awesome art.


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

i knew right away it was jacob!

illgnosis said...

I dont get it.

ren said...

bah. jacob. bah.

Anonymous said...

1 d0nt kn0 who0 th1s 1s. 4m 1 m1ss1ng 00t?

J.Ho said...

lordshen: then my work is done!

illgnosis: nnn.

ren: AGREED.

m3: no.