November 09, 2007

Billionaires in Power-Suits (Part 2 of 2)

Continuing the theme from last Friday--while coloring up my Iron Man post, I was IMing with Charles and Lex Luthor came up in conversation. Yes, we are that nerdy. Anyways, Lex in his early 80's power-suit seemed like a good follow up to Tony Stark:

click above for larger view

From start to finish this whole thing took under 3 hours, which is pretty fast for me. Sketched in pen and Sharpie, but this time I did look at reference and I took a little more time cleaning it up in Photoshop before coloring it. Getting the colors right on this one was surprisingly easy. But I guess when you're coloring lime and berry power armor, it's pretty easy to zero in on the right colors. As for the drawing itself, Lex's pose is a little stiff (somewhat intentional) and the composition is incredibly boring (not intentional).

Continuity-wise, this one is all over the place. Identifying Lex as a billionaire in the title of the post implies the post-Crisis version (I'm pretty sure all the pre-Crisis versions were finiancially unsuccessful). However, the reference I followed was the Lex Luthor action figure from the old Super Powers toyline, which implies either the version from the Super Powers cartoon (naturally), or the pre-crisis Lex Luthor of Earth-One. Furthermore, while drawing it, I decided to give Lex his kryptonite ring, which is definitely a post-Crisis detail, and to complicate matters his face is somewhat reminiscent of the version seen in Superman: The Animated Series" and Justice League Unlimited. Of all these confusing and obscure details, my favorite is the fact that post crisis-Lex has green eyes (according to the DC Comics Encyclopedia) and pre-Crisis Lex from Earth-One had blue eyes (according to Who's Who volume XIV)--I gave this one blue eyes. So, in summary: hell if I know. Enjoy!


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

green and purple are pimp

i like it

Anonymous said...

u need to post more often to give ur fans something to read every morning.


J.Ho said...

charles: thanks dude. lex gets hism fashion tips from the hulk and the constructicons, i think.

anonymous: lol, thanks charles.