April 07, 2008

I Know How To Party.

(Posting early, why not?)

This is how the weekend was spent. For those who don't live in the 'States, 1040's, W-2's, and 1099's are various super-fun tax forms.

click above for larger view


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

im shocked u let ur taxes go so late in the year. i bet the illness topping it off is a gov't conspiracy to make u do them earlier next year.

Anonymous said...

This is my most fave pic ever.

J.Ho said...

lord shen: C-O-N-spiracy! yeah, i'm a procrastinator.

jenn: thanks lady! it's been a long time since we talked--thanks for dropping in. :)

Hellinjay said...

So sorry to laugh about your misfortune, but daaayumn this picture makes me laugh.

I'm glad you survived!

J.Ho said...

its cool, my misfortune is presented for the sake of humor.