May 08, 2008

Textural Healing

(Posting early.)

Today, a momentary respite from the recent deluge of He-Man related sketches. I was working on this one a few months ago, but put it on the backburner as other things came up. I sketched and 'inked' this piece in Photoshop (in addition to coloring in Photoshop, as usual), so the result is 100% digital. The subject matter was pretty random. I started sketching a girl, which became a go-go girl, and then I just threw in a ray gun for the heck of it. This is what happens when I let my mind wander. Really.

click above for larger view

I decided to stretch my wings a bit and experment with some textures for this piece--the blue and purple pattern on her dress was created by me, using pressure-sensitive opacity brushes in Photoshop; the other textures were taken from free texture sites (this one and this one). The texture for her hair is a sunset, and the texture for the boots and purse is stained glass. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results.


LordShen said...

By the gods, you nailed this one on the head, ole bean. I love every bit of it.

I'd buy that for a dollar!

gavin said...

The ray gun / go-go look reminds me of that Dreamcast game "Space Channel 5". Very retro future cool. I like it.

ren said...

hey, i like the textural play.very nice. now draw a bunny.

Nathan Hamill said...

Does she have a sister?

Just sayin.'

PS - Nice work, sir.

J.Ho said...

lordshen: thanks dude! i'm pretty happy with it myself

gavin: you're right, gogo boots + scifi is very space channel 5... glad you dig it!

ren: thanks! ok, bunny, noted.

hammers: WAHAHAHAHA, thank you, and perhaps i should come up with a sister for her. hmmm...