December 30, 2008

Number One Super Guy!

Dear Cartoon Network/DC Comics,

Please let me write and draw an action/comedy Hong Kong Phooey comic book, in the style of 2-D fighting games like Streetfighter and Darkstalkers. I promise to be your BFF. And if we have Capcom make a 2-D fighting game as a tie-in, we will probably make a kajillion dollars.

Sincerest Regards,

Fun Fact: Hong Kong Phooey was voiced by the late, great, Scatman Crothers, who you might also recognize as the voice of Jazz from the original Transformers cartoon. RIP, Scatman.


Anonymous said...

Very nice.

Please draw a Top Cat version in 2-D fighting game style.


JAMILYN said...

That is awesome!... and I love Scatman Crothers, he seemed like a cool cat... er um, dog?

Anonymous said...

i honestly believe you should email this to the respective concerned parties. and i would play this!