March 20, 2009

Red Hot

If my sketch of Ryu represents the Street Fighter franchise in general, today's sketch represents the most recent installment. Fresh from her debut in Street Fighter IV, here's Crimson Viper:

click above for larger view

When I first saw the screenshots of this character, I wasn't that impressed. Her braid seemed a bit too reminiscent of Cammy, while her outfit seemed more appropriate to Street Fighter's rivals over at the King of Fighters series (not that I have anything against King of Fighters, it just felt like an odd fit). Well, a few rounds of unleahing her bad-ass flaming split-kick (quarter circle back + kick, executable in mid-air) changed all that. Now I'm totally won over by her extravagant pompadour, her Morpheus-esque nose-pinching sunglasses, and yes, her tremendous knockers.