September 01, 2009

What? Seriously?

To The Powers That Be,

To the best of my ability, I have determined that Disney's Purchase of Marvel Comics is neither a hoax, nor a fever dream, but indeed a reality, true believer. To that end, I demand that you produce the Disney/Invaders ongoing series that fans have been clamoring for since the 40's. Also, I demand that you negotiate with Warner Brothers/DC Comics, so that we may also see the long awaited Disney/Invaders versus Looney Tunes/All-Star Squadron crossover.

I would be happy to write and draw these books for a nominal fee. Enclosed is a piece of sample art, proving my nerdish devotion to pointless, but awesome, crossovers.



The pose is loosely based the standard Mickey Mouse images turned up by my internet research. This whole thing took me about three hours, which is fast for me. Yes, I'm painfully slooow.

What a strange world we live in.


gavin said...

Best sketch yet.

Are you going to make a series of this? I want to replace my JHo Star Wars WP.

My suggestions:
Thor Goofy
Iron Man Donald
Wasp Daisy
Black Widow Minnie
Hulk Pluto (don't know how this would work but it made me laugh thinking about it)

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Micky and Captain America combination. Have you ever thought about placing this image on a shirt? If I ever saw this image on (I believe that's how the site is spelled), I would for sure buy that shirt as well as many others. Well keep up the good work =).