January 26, 2010


When you live within the greater Los Angeles area (as I do), any time there's any kind of rain, every local news station assaults you with STORMWATCH 20xx!!! Literally, it could be an hour of light drizzling, and you have to listen to STORMWATCH 20xx!!! for a week. It's basically retarded.

You see, Los Angeles is usually sunny and 70 degrees, so if it even rains a little, every moron out there freaks out, following the lead of our famously awful local news institutions. Car accidents skyrocket, even though the driving conditions aren't significantly more dangerous, thus turning the streets and freeways into a gridlocked mess. Frankly, people are big, nervous babies about the whole affair. For the record, I enjoy the rain, and I do not lose my mind while driving in it (*knock on wood*).

Well, this past week we finally got an amount of rainfall that might actually qualify as a real storm--flooding, hail, the whole deal.

The rain has even given me a reason to wear a coat and a scarf. Unheard of! However, that is not the reason for today's post. The real reason is that I have been metaphorically underwater with work (at the day job), and so a quick self-involved post is all that I have time for:

Post Script to my fellow California-ites: Apparently we're in for more of this rain, possibly on an epic, legitimately dangerous scale? They call it... FRANKENSTORM!!! I wish I was joking.


Don Chente said...

Awesome! Love it!

Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

Why do I imagine this as toilet water? Oh... cuz my mind's in the toilet. Kudos on a good drawring, tho.