February 26, 2010

Mascot Mania!!! Winter 2010 Edition!!!

It is no secret that I am in favor of well-designed Olympic mascots, even though I have no interest in sports. Mascot design = character design, and that's definitely something I'm interested in.

The 2010 Winter Olympics (which close shop this weekend) feature a great quartet of mascots designed by the very talented artists of Meomi. Naturally, I wanted to try my hand at drawing these mascots:

click above for larger view

From bottom left to top right, we have Mukmuk the marmot, Quatchi the sasquatch, Sumi the animal spirit (orca headdress, thunderbird wings, bear legs), and Miga the sea bear (part orca, part kermode bear). Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sumi and Miga are FUZORS in disguise.

Note to self: start drawing picture of Sumi and Miga as Fuzors.
Where was I? Oh yeah, mascots are rad. In the midst of researching the 2010 mascots, I also stumbled across these characters:

Their names are Lyo and Merly, and they're the mascots for the first ever 2010 Summer Youth Olympics (taking place in Singapore). Lyo is a lion cub, and Merly is a merlion cub--ANOTHER FUZOR!!! Don't be surprised if I end up drawing these two when the Youth Games roll around.

For More on Olympic Mascots:


Steve said...

Greetings from Seattle!

With your permission, we'd love to put this cool drawing on our Quatchi Watch blog:


Of course, you'd get credit and a link to your page.


-- Steve & Eliza

J.Ho said...

Hi Steve and Eliza,

I would be honored! Drop me another comment here when you post it. Thanks!

Steve said...

Alright, check it out:


Thanks again!