February 16, 2010

Robotech Tuesdays: Roy Fokker

Before I get to today's post, I want to comment on a very good question brought up in the comments section. My old crony Gavin (no link available) writes:

"How come you did the women of Robotech without [Miriya]?"
Fret not, Dear Readers, although the first three entries of Robotech Tuesdays were all women, and I have switched over to posting drawings of the male characters for the moment, I have every intention of getting back to the ladies of Robotech. Miriya, Azonia, Vannessa, Kim, and Sammy--all of them are in the pipeline. And I intend for my Robotech coverage to be comprehensive--I'm not just focussing on the Macross Saga by any means. Characters from Southern Cross, Invid Invasion, and even the Sentinels and Shadow Chronicles are all going to be covered in due time!

But for now... from the Robotech saga, here's Roy Fokker, big brother figure, ace pilot, and ladies man!

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