May 25, 2011

MACHO WEEK!!! (Part 1 of 3)

I'm officially declaring this week to be MACHO WEEK. Make it a MACHO one everybody, for Randy. OH YEAHHH! DIG IT!
I tweeted that on Monday. Of course, I have no authority whatsoever, and I then failed to do anything about it for the first two days of the week. But better late then never, right?

Of course you've heard by now that Macho Man Randy Savage has died. The buzz on Twitter about him was overwhelmingly positive and affectionate. And if you ask me, it all felt pretty sincere. I apologize for obnoxiously re-tweeting myself, but I think my thoughts about Macho Man's passing are best summed up by my tweets on Friday:
RIP Macho Man Randy Savage; the best face, the best heel, the best talker, and my favorite peddler of Slim Jims.

Pomp and Circumstance and MACHO MADNESS!!! RIP Randy Savage:

Was texted on the way in to work with request to bring in Slim Jims for the office. Currently snapping into a Slim Jim w/ co-workers. #macho

Macho Man as the cosmic villain Rasslor on Dexter's Lab/Dial M for Monkey:

Slim Jim is trending. :D

Heard Black Machismo retired his Macho Man gimmick, so I think I should live the rest of my life as Yellow Machismo to honor Randy Savage.

I love when Macho Man would turn his back to the camera while cutting a promo. So pimp.

Guys we should not be mourning the man's death but celebrating THE MADNESS! It's what he would have wanted! OH YEAHHH!
This one is for you Macho Man!!!

click above for larger view

Since I resumed blogging, I've only been posting once a week, but this week I will be posting not once, not twice, but THREE times! That's two more MACHO posts coming your way! OH YEAH!!!

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