July 29, 2011

Lo-Fi Cosplay that I didn't do (Part 2 of 2)

Very briefly, to summarize Comic-Con (and I apologize if you read my Twitter feed, because this will be repetitive... actually, I just apologize if you read my Twitter feed at all): It was a lot of fun--the most fun I ever had at Comic-Con, and anyone who knows me knows that I am not prone to engage in positive hyperbole when it comes to the beast known more formally as "Comic-Con International."

Exhibitors and attendees alike--everyone at Con seemed like they were mellower and doing a better job managing their biznizz. The weather was far more moderate than the blazing temperatures + wretched humidity that usually accompany Con. And probably, most importantly, I let go of any perceived obligation to "cover" the convention floor. I met and hung out with a lot of cool people, and I even managed to pick up all the nerd loot that was on my radar.

But, back to me drawing nerdy crap:

Continuing from last week's post, today I have yet another concept sketch of a lo-fi cosplay idea (that I have yet to actually execute). It's me as Marvel Comics' Super-Adaptoid! Or possibly the Super-Adaptoid's slacker son, Kid Adaptoid. Yeah, I totally copied the idea of Kid Amazo and made that up just now. Anywaaays:

Basically, this idea arose when I realized that you could totally buy up all the Marvel Comics role-play toys (Captain America's shield, Thor's hammer, etc), and spray paint them in shades of green to make a Super-Adaptoid costume. The mask would be a modified Wolverine mask (cut to resemble Hawkeye's mask) grafted on to a modified Iron Man mask.

I said "mask" too many times in that last sentence.

As I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself... The wings would be made from scratch (I'm thinking cardboard), and the rest would be pretty easy to figure out with little or no real costuming abilities. Perfect for my skill level! I hope I can get around to making some version of this costume, even if I just wear it while sitting in front of my computer at home. Yeah, I said it, so that you didn't have to.

Back to commissions for Help The Cheerleader next week!

Post Script: I am well aware the term "lo-fi" refers to audio quality and therefore would seemingly have nothing to do with a sketch or a costume. I hope you will pardon the verbal liberty that I have taken.

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