January 12, 2007

This Post Needs A Funny Title

Yet another illustration entered into a re-design challenge at He-Man.org. My post on the fan-art forums is here, and the entire thread can be found here. The voting thread is here--I managed to snag third place again.

The subject this time is a character named Sea Hawk from the She-Ra cartoon. He appeared in a handful of episodes, and was the love interest of She-Ra (lucky bastard!). Sea Hawk was a swashbuckling pirate modelled after Errol Flynn, and named after one of Flynn's movies.

click above for larger view

This interpretation is based on a later appearance of the character where he inherits a few special artifacts and temporarily takes on a masked identity to fight evil, like the Scarlet Pimpernel. I just made some minor tweaks on the costume to push the superhero aspect of Sea Hawk's masked persona. Actually, if you ignore the color scheme, this looks sort of like a cross between Green Arrow and Robin (Tim Drake's original costume).

It just occurred to me that this post is uncharacteristically humorless. I think lack of sleep has finally caught up to me... LOOK AT THE MONKEY!!!



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Andrew Cramer said...

Nice work mate, keep it up.
(oICEMANo from he-man.org)

J.Ho said...

ren: yes ma'am!

oICEMANo: thanks for dropping by--see you on the forums!