January 08, 2007


As I prepare to post this, it is only 11:31pm on Monday night. But I'm impatient, and it's already Tuesday on the east coast anyways. So here we go...


To celebrate, here's a little break from the He-Man/She-Ra stuff:

click above for larger view

Not much to say about this one. You should all know who Wolverine is, for god's sake. I have not read a comic featuring Wolverine in a truly long time, but I still have a lot of (strictly hetero) affection for the character. I drew him wearing his wearing his black-and-tan, because that's just how I roll. The more common blue-and-yellow got way over-exposed in the 90's, and the current, slightly revised blue-and-yellow is not something that I'm a fan of. I know he's back in his black-and-tan in the Origin ongoing series, but I also heard there's some new uniform that he's wearing... am I mistaken? I couldn't find any pics, so please shoot me a link if I'm not dreaming this.

For those who are interested, this pic went from straight-up pencils (no blue pencil) to being colored in photoshop.

Fun Fact: Wolverine, like me, is Canadian! Seriously. Unless you follow that Origin stuff where he's a southern dandy. And I am, in fact, not a southern dandy.


Anonymous said...
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ren said...

i have a hetero love for wolverine too...snikt indeed!

he's dreamy, even if he is canadian.


J.Ho said...

he's dreamy BECAUSE he's canadian! we can't help it!

Nathan Hamill said...
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Nathan Hamill said...

Nice work, sir. But I have a couple of questions for you. What is a blog and who is Wolverine?

JAMILYN said...

Great Wolvie dude. I love the stockyness. My favorite costume too.