February 06, 2007

Now For Something Completely Different...

It's far from my standard uber-nerdy fare, but every now and then I get inspired to do something out of the ordinary. This one is for Jacob, who one day linked me to a German Hip Hop video on YouTube by a group named Deichkind. The video featured a female MC called Nina (sometimes referred to as Nina MC). Here is my interpretation of the very striking Nina MC:

click above for larger view

And here is the aforementioned video by Deichkind, entitled Bon Voyage (No, I'm not confused--yes, it is a German track with a French title):

My sketch is a somewhat loose take--it's more caricature than portrait, and not much of a caricature at that. But I think it captures some of her spirit. Keen-eyed observers will note that while Nina sported a pull-over hoodie in the video, I drew her with a zip-up hoodie. My personal bias for zip-up hoodies aside, I was also looking for an excuse to draw an exaggerated, over-sized zipper.

My pencils and inks were a little bit cleaner this time around, but i was looking to do a little something different with the colors, so I took the suggestion of my friend Charles, and loosened up some. I still used Photoshop, but instead of making my usual super-careful lasso selections, I just colored the whole thing with the paintbrush tool. I chose the brush that mimics a marker tip, and brought the opacity down (30%-60%). I'm pretty happy with the results.

Don't get me wrong, Nina is Jacob's gal--as far as raven-haired Euro-hotties go, Nigella Lawson is more my speed (call me, Nigella!). Now, the lovely Nina aside, let's talk about Deichkind--these dudes are freakin dope! I have no clue what their lyrics are about, but they got "mad flow" as the kids say.

Actually, now that I stop and think about it, there are only two people that I know who understand any German at all, and one of them is my Dad. Dad, if you are reading this, I apologize in advance if you heard any explicit German lyrics, and I implore you to NOT tell me what those lyrics say, because the last thing I need to hear is German obsenities translated into English by my father. Thank you.

Here for your enjoyment, is another Deichkind video, sadly sans Nina, but awesome nonetheless:

For more on Nina MC:


JAMILYN said...

Dude this is Freakin' Awesome! Oh your drawing is cool too man. I like the color a lot. I think Deichkind has a new fan. Nina MC definitely has a new fan. But, I really enjoyed the "pop-culture centric" second video you posted. Gotta love that Jackson 5 reference. Good times.

Anonymous said...

Keep your filthy paws off my Nina!.. Good times though on the drawring. I like the chalk effects in th BG.

J.Ho said...

jamilyn: thanks man! the credit for unearthing the awesomeness of deichkind must go to jacob (AKA anonymous)! as for the jackson 5 reference... sadly i must confess my ignorance... what's the reference they made?

anonymous: thanks man... since you called dibs, nina is yours to woo. that's just the way it works.

JAMILYN said...

Sorry I didn't answer your question; I was refering to the big guy with the 'Fro and huge collar.... allow me to share a fond childhood memory check out this video from 1980 I still think it's pretty cool