March 15, 2007

SCARCE COCO NIMROD FEZ is an anagram for...

Zodac, Cosmic Enforcer!

(Posted early because I don't know if I'm going to be sitting in front of my computer when midnight hits. I just might be unconscious with fatigue.)

This He-Man action figure was originally billed as being "evil." The cartoon, however, made it pretty obvious that he was a neutral figure who leaned very heavily towards the side of good. As far as characterization goes, I take most of my cues from the cartoon, so I'm filing him under the good guys.

click above for larger view

This time, the static pose was actually intentional--meant to emphasize his supposed neutrality. The holographic globe (which is meant to emphasize his cosmic nature) is just something I came up with, as far as I know. It's possible that my brain pulled it out of the subliminal depths of long forgotten He-Man episodes from my misspent youth. But those episodes won't be forgotten for long--I do plan on completeing my He-Man DVD collection soon.

The costume tweaks that I made on this design are rather similar to the modifications that I made in my illustration of Tri-Klops--I consolidated the harness from his chest plate with his belt to avoid a redundant-looking double-belt, and I 'covered' his neck. The covered neck on Zodac, as with Tri-Klops, is inspired by the 200x version. The rest of the costume is pretty much straight up from the original.

This was posted on the fan-art forums. My post is here, the entire thread (including some of my previous sketches) is here.

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Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

i love it! i also love lamp and rasslin'.

The left leg, whie ur static pose excuse i mean idea is worthy, looks much MUCH too static. In fact, if you concentrate on teh leg alone u'd swear u were staring at a tree.

not sure if i like the claw0like flechy digits. was he like that in the cartoon? just wonderin'.

so the rock has posted his billionaire predictions on

the rock would make a good zodac in the movie.

illgnosis said...

The stiffness of your poses are not in this one though.. and you say it is intentional "this time" but really he is posed very well and naturally stiff... So this pose is def an improvement of some of your first ones. I was looking through your older MOTU posts and really I think this little project is really pushing you forward with your figure work. but let me give you a tip.. even in static poses like this a little controposto helps give it a natural look. whenever the weight is distributed differently across the shoulders or into the arms you will get some movement in the hips and the same with when hips and legs move the shoulders move in copmliment. Nothing extreme in this case because he is "static". In this case there are a few different ways to do it to give it different feels but really take this pose and feel where your hips and shoulders are placed. I understand you are going for the toy look and I really mean this advice much more for your action poses you are going to start doing for the rest of the MOTU characters you are working on.. ;)

Mark W. Hale said...

Always with the furry underpants. Sailing through space? Furry underpants. Living underwater? Furry underpants. Hanging out in a cave? Furry underpants. Kickin' it in an ancient castle? You better believe that's furry underpants.

J.Ho said...

lordshen: i think i agree with you about the stiff leg. zodac had normal boot-feet in the 'toon, but the toy had feet like skeletor, so i gave him the claw-feet for more of an alien feel. and the rock would be a rad zodac!

illgnosis: thanks for the tip--i have been attempting some controposto in my gestures since you wrote this comment, and i like the results!

mark: as the internet acronym goes--LOL! seriously, i laugh everytime i think about this comment.