June 01, 2007

A Ninja.

Something has alarmed this ninja:

Perhaps he's alarmed that this is such a lame post? However, I am happy with the background colors on this. What can I say, folks, the day job has been awfully busy recently. O_O


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

Gray skin... blank eyes...


That makes this the raddest post you've ever done.

Unifying colors, an expression of tension with minimal work. To be honest, J, this is some of your best work. Stop thinking about stuff and you'll draw better BWAAAHAHAHAHHAA Seriously, I mean that as both a jibe and suggestion.

In the end, I like it.

JAMILYN said...

Simple, but Dope! (that means good for those who don't know) Great color scheme. How you stay so consistent with your posts buddy I have no idea, but keep it up. You put some of us other guys to shame.

J.Ho said...

thanks guys! its funny--i can never tell which posts are going to be well-received. personally, other than the b/g treatment, this one leaves me cold--i'd much rather have drawn an obscure 80's cartoon character. but i'm glad you guys enjoyed it!

charles-- its not a zombie, but when i was coloring it, i knew you'd say that.

jamilyn-- it ain't easy, lemme tell ya. but part of the key is that i stockpile drawings when i'm feeling productive, to make up for days when i'm too busy/lazy to get to it. that takes some of the pressure off.