July 20, 2007

Wherein I talk about my friend's new comic, and ramble on a bit about next week's blogging schedule.

I had originally planned to post a Harry Potter sketch to commemorate the release of the final book in the series, but something even more interesting popped up this week--

My comrade Josh Williamson's comic, Necessary Evil is being solicited in this month's Previews catalog! The comic is pencilled by Marcus Harris, inked by Vinny Navarrete and colored by Winston Suk. Josh created and wrote it, and Desperado is publishing it. Oh and did I mention that I did the character designs for the main cast? I'M MENTIONING IT NOW.

Please ask your local comic shop to order a bunch! Previews is out next week, and the first issue of Necessary Evil ships in October. It's a great comic, and I hope you'll all give it a try.

Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting some more of my Necessary Evil art and telling you all some more about the comic itself. But for now, here is a pin-up/mock cover that I created for Josh when he first asked me to design the characters:

click above for larger view

So, next week, is the big San Diego Comic Book Convention, which I have alluded to. Technically, it's known as Comic-Con International, but I rarely hear people call it that. In fact, people usually just call it Comic-Con, with no qualifiers. The epic proportions of the convention are such that no qualifier in the human language would be appropriate. But I digress.

I will be gone at the convention for most of next week, which means I'll be away from my precious computer and internet connection, which means no post on Friday. HOWEVER! I would never abandon you, dear reader--which is why on Monday, I will be putting up a huge mega-post, containing two pieces of brand new art to cover the entire week's posts. And it is no coincidence that these two new pieces will both be terribly relevant to the wares that I am peddling at Comic-Con.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL--in addition to plugging my own projects, I will also be plugging the projects of my chums and cronies, who will be peddling their own wares at Comic-Con. Please stay tuned!

Post Script: The aforementioned Harry Potter post will go up sometime soon after the convention, probably with a review of the book.


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Jodi said...

I call it "The Con" or "Con" because I'm a big 'ole dork! My HP book is still in the box from Amazon. I probably won't start it until after San Diego (or maybe Wednesday night in the hotel!)

J.Ho said...

charles-- stop talking so much!

jodi-- i'm borrowing HP from someone tommorrow!