October 19, 2007

Put on your game face...

Transformers came out on DVD this week, and I'm glad to say that after repeat viewings I feel the same about it as when it first came out. I got an itch to draw the movie version of Bumblebee, which you can compare to my depiction of the cartoon version from a few months ago.

click above for larger view

Trying something new here... sort of. Combining two of my regular techniques, this one is 100% Photoshop, sketched in pixelly fashion with the pencil tool but colored in the semi-painterly fashion that I use every now and then. It's pretty fast and dirty, all kinds of B.S. imaginary light-sources going on here. Still, I'm fairly happy with it. Bumblebee is drawn, by the way, with his battle mode face-plate (which I think is much cooler than his weird gas tank mouth). I believe it was Vinny who called it Bumblebee's "game face."



Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...


Ruune said...

Nice!!! I'm not too into the pencil-pixel look though (GO BRUSH!)

I'm also with you on the movie... I LOVED it!

illgnosis said...

I like it!.. but I dont like the text at the top... prefer to see some tone thrown in if you didnt want the eye to run off the top of the page.

J.Ho said...

lordshen: thanks!

ric: thanks man! i agree, i don't think the pixel thing was the ideal solution here, though for a spur of the moment experiment, it worked out ok.

illgnosis: thanks dude! i agree with you about the text... it just didn't quite work out the way i wanted it to. alas, live and learn.