December 07, 2007

Yellow Bellied Villain

When I draw superheroes, I tend to draw them the way they looked 20 years ago because I am, apparently, a fossil. However today, I'm taking a brief moment to step out of my horribly obsolete mindframe, and present to you the classic Green Lantern villain, Sinestro, in his modern uniform (even though you can only see the collar):

click above for larger view

It started out as a quick pen sketch, but it grew on me, so I decided to color it up and post it. I chose to give him his present-day colors because frankly, it never made sense to me that a character who was yellow-themed would have virtually no yellow on his uniform whatsoever. The face is cut off because I wanted to show the duality of a former hero turned villain--the missing half of his face represents Sinestro's sense of morality, forever obfuscated by... OKAY, IT'S ALL A LIE. I drew him too close to the edge of the paper. Listen, if I had realized it was going to turn out halfway decent I would have started on a new sheet of paper. Sometimes these things take you by surprise!


Anonymous said...

he's pink! he must be very sinister. hey... do u think that's how he got his name?

Hellinjay said...

Nice sketch. Arrgh! Thwarted by paper!

You really had me going there when you were gassing on about this "artistic motivation" bizcrap...

J.Ho said...

lordshen: as foghorn leghorn would say-- boy, i say boy, you are about as sharp as a marble.

helen: thanks lady! and if i fool just one person with my BS, then i consider myself a success!