March 18, 2008

The L-word stands for...

... Luigi! What were you expecting?

click above for larger view

Drawing this one was really simple, and I had a lot of fun coloring it up. With the aid of Jacob's sage color advice, I'm trying some new things.

Thought this would be a good one to post, in light of the recent release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And if you're keeping track at home, Hammers and I were playing a match that went to sudden death, and I beat him with a headbutt from Luigi. BOO-YEAH!


Nathan Hamill said...

Thanks for rubbing it in. Also, nice piece. Also, Ralph's tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hehehhe... headbutt

Jodi said...

Anonymous stole my comment.

P.S. Do I know her?

J.Ho said...

hammers: my favorite part is where i neglected to tell everyone about all the times you beat me.

anonymous: ._.

jodi: i think anonymous is a he. and no, i don't think you know him. unless i'm thinking of the wrong anonymous.