March 31, 2008

Sky Blue Toga? Really?

(Posting early... )

I must be brief--I have to use my skillz to pay the billz. Actually it doesn't take skillz, just basic arithmetic and a paycheck. But I digress. Calibos from Clash of the Titans:

click below for larger view


Don Chente said...

Yo-Yo Bootleg!!! Calibos is a BAAAAAAD BOY! Looks good man...i bet his left hand comes in handy when it's chicken salad time. :)

Anonymous said...

Really like your choices in subjects recently. Only one He-Man related post in the last 7 sketches!

Love this sketch, but why no legs?

J.Ho said...

don: lol... thanks dude. now i want to eat some chicken salad. i'm hungry!

gavin: AHEM. as of the posting of calibos, the previous FIFTEEN sketches were non-he-man related. i think you mistook dokuro king for being a he-man villain. shame on you! as for no legs--they looked wrong after i drew them, so i cropped them out. ._.u