June 27, 2008

Cue Jazzy Theme Music (Part 2 of 4)

So I rambled on about the Jonny Quest theme music in my previous post, when I should have simply linked a clip of the opening credits (incidentally, the composer, Hoyt Curtin, was also responsible for a few other notable jazzy Hanna Barbera theme songs, such as Top Cat, and The Jetsons):

And for today's illustration, here's Hadji, Jonny Quest's best friend, adopted brother, and partner in crime.

When I drew this originally, Hadji was supposed to be levitating in a display of his trademark mystical powers. I guess that isn't really apparent with no background as context.



Don Chente said...

Nice Comrade!!! Keep 'em comin'! Whenever i hear jazzy music like this JQ theme i just start shaking what my Momma gave me....i love it!

ren said...

i kind of assumed he was levitating. it reads if you know the character, and screw you if you don't.

my friend had a dog named hadji. and my nephew insisted that johnny's dog was named "bandage" for years.

that is the end of my stories about johnny quest.

Anonymous said...


Crispy32 said...

Nice Blog..BTW if you wish to indulge in some of Hoyt Curtin's rather fine music for Jonny Quest, you can find it on my blog within these postings:



J.Ho said...

vinny: shake it, but don't break it--took your momma nine months to make it!

ren: that was a pretty amazing story.

anonymous: enjoy!

crispy32: wow, awesome! thanks for those links!