July 01, 2008

Cue Jazzy Theme Music (Part 3 of 4)

Inexplicably, Jonny Quest's dad, when not garbed in a white scientist's lab coat, or a short smock resembling that of a dental hygienist, was a very sharply dressed man. Here he is, Dr. Benton Quest:

I'll wrap this series up on Friday--be there or be square.


Don Chente said...

what up Doc B!!! Awesome man!

Hellinjay said...

Awesome! You need to do more iconic characters in the J-Ho style.

Like one can get "Simpsonized" is there a way to get Jasonized?

(my design shouldn't be too far of a stretch)

J.Ho said...

vinny: :D

helen: wow, that's maybe one of the most flattering things anyone has ever said to me... i can only dream that someday there will be a widespread desire to see iconic characters 'jasonized'... and yes, a jasonized helen, would be pretty basic. lol