September 05, 2008

(indecipherable snarling)

I had no luck finding it on Youtube, but back in the day, Cartoon Network used to run a hilarious commercial featuring Thundarr the Barbarian and Ookla the Mok. To the best of my recollection, it went a little somthing like this:

Cheesy sax music plays in BG.

OOKLA: (indecipherable snarling)
THUNDARR: Ookla, I think you're very handsome.
OOKLA: (indecipherable snarling)
THUNDARR: No, really.

That will probably be a lot funnier to you if you are familiar with the characters. Here's Ookla:

Ookla the Mok, for those who don't know, was actually designed by the late great Alex Toth. Toth is best known for designing Space Ghost, and while he is very much regarded as an artist's artist in comic book and animation circles, really he was a master of drawing, period. Be sure to check out the image gallery at the official Toth website.

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Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...


That's not me making approving sounds of this post, it's for not coloring it. Haha but I digress. Kudos, old boy, for a well-done post, if for nothing else as a Thundarr reference. And you know well I remember the commercial.

Also, as an aside that's not so obscure, it is oft said Ookla was named for the sound that UCLA makes when spoken, thus making Ookla a fan of the Bruins. Or something like that. Anyways, it's the source /inspiration for his name. There's also a filk band named Ookla the Mok and a Jawaiian (Hawaiian reggae) band called Ookla the Moc.

More Thundarr, please. I'd like to know more about how our world was nearly destroyed in 1994 by a runaway planet. CLASSIC.