January 06, 2009

Yet Another...

Green Lanterns seem to pop up on my blog with surprising frequency. Here's Guy Gardner, the hot-tempered and loud-mouthed hero:

I drew Guy as kind of a rough-looking, broken-nosed, tough guy--this is how he was most often depicted in the 80's and 90's. More recently, Guy tends to be drawn as better looking, which is apparently more accurate to his original appearance.

The pose I gave him is awfully stiff... and his torso is too short. Bah!


damon said...


i love guy

and all the other JLI from the 80's

Anonymous said...

i dont like his haircut. ;)

Don Chente said...

I'll 2nd that. Never been a big fan of the "bowl cut" or the "mushroom doo" if you will. But with that said...i do like how you drew it Jason, I like the "Hair shine", looks good. :)