March 31, 2009

Star Wars Lite (1 of 6): That little droid and I have been through a lot together

Plug first, sketch second--you all know my crony/chum Hammers, right? He's better known to the world as Nathan Hamill, and he's been interviewed on regarding his participation in the most recent series of Star Wars Galaxies trading cards. Click HERE to read it.

Notably, the article mentions a non-Star Wars item--Nathan's upcoming foray into designer toys, with a bad-ass vinyl racoon. You read correctly, a bad-ass vinyl racoon.

And as an unintentional coincidence, I've prepared a series of Star Wars sketches for the next few weeks. Here's R2-D2:

You can imagine what might be coming up in the ensuing weeks. And if Star Wars isn't your cup of tea, you philistine, stay tuned for more Street Fighter and He-Man after I wrap these up.

1 comment:

Nathan Hamill said...

A link to the original Boris and Philistinism in the same post? I love the R2. Exaggerated yet sturdy, cartoony while still based in reality. Now, as I enter my word verification, I'd like you to know that blogger is asking me to type 'fartab.'
If you don't believe me, I'm taking a screen grab to prove it. So there!