June 19, 2009


I was planning on painting at least one more noir archetype (or noirchetype, as I like to call it), with a Girl Friday as the subject. And as a matter of coincidence, my long-time crony Gavin commented, "I think you should finish off the series with a "good girl" in yellow"--so who am I to disappoint?

In my opinion, this piece is back on track after the previous one. Better contrast, bolder strokes, not so fussy. I actually tried out some backgrounds for this one, but everything I came up with seemed to distract from the Girl Friday herself, so I decided to leave it as is. As with the other noirchetypes, this one took about two hours from start to finish. Again, I'm unsure whether I'll do more of these, but this certainly has been a welcome break from the nerdy grind. But don't fret, fellow nerds, I'll get back to the mega-dorky stuff soon enough (some of it is in-progress as we speak).

1 comment:

gavin said...

Cool. Could you post a simple quartered desktop background of the noir images?