July 10, 2009

Guess what kind of suit that is. Go on.

If you guessed sharkskin suit, you are correct. Give yourself a cookie--you deserve it. Another practice piece in watercolor crayon:

click above for larger view

Now that's more like it. Not great by any means, but I feel like this piece has got a little more substance to it. Sketched lightly in pencil, colored with watercolor crayon, and inked over with a Sakura Micron (the signature was written with a Sakura brush pen). I wasn't crazy about how the thick line turned out on the previous piece, so I decided to use a thin line over the colors--a technique often utilized by someone who actually knows what he's doing. If I could change one thing on this one, I would have blended some blue into the suit to unify the whole color scheme.

These past two have been an interesting exercise... relaxing too, in their own way. Hopefully I'll be able to fit a few more of these in.

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ren said...

have you been watching "buffy" again?