August 11, 2009


I've mentioned Nathan's Boris the Raccoon previously. Starting this Saturday (August 15th), some Boris customs will be on display (and for sale!) at the Black Maria Gallery. The show runs through September 5th, but if you aren't local, don't forget that you can still purchase a normal Boris from the U1 Toy Arts website.

Not sure if you should buy Boris? Well, he looks great standing on your window sill while you're away:

click above for larger view

And he looks great hanging out with ol' Bone-Brain, whilst planning some kind of mischief and/or mayhem:

click above for larger view

I know what you're all asking yourselves...
"Hey Jason, what would it look like if you drew Boris looking somewhat aggro with an arbitrarily-added orange light source?"
Here is your answer:

click above for larger view

I had a lot of fun with this--it's always interesting to do a take on a very stylized character and see if you can walk the line between keeping recognizability and adding your own style. And the basic color scheme on Boris made it easier to play around with adding the random extra light source. Now go buy yourself a Boris!


Don Chente said...

Very nice my fren!!! Oh shite, Boris AND Skeletor in the same room together??!!! I smell a "World Domination" scheme a cookin'. :S

Nathan Hamill said...

Well done, sir. Thank you for the shameless plug on top of the 'action hero take' on Boris.