April 02, 2010

Gallifrey Fridays: Davros

Two things... First, I don't know whether or not "Gallifrey Fridays" is going to be an ongoing thing or not--this was kind of an impulse piece (though there certainly are other Doctor Who characters that I'm interested in drawing). Second, is Gallifrey the wussiest sounding fantasy/sci-fi name you've ever heard or what?

Here's Davros, father of the Dalek race:

BTW, Davros looks how I feel. Thanks to crushing sinus pain!!! Sorry I keep talking about my crushing sinus pain, but, y'know... it's crushing and painful... for my sinuses. And my face. And also my soul.



1 comment:

ren said...

yay! (that would be a yay for gallifry friday, not for crushing sinus pain).