January 27, 2011

Fish-Brained Schemer

A whiiile back, my buddy Dylan (AKA Super-Munkyboy) had a contest on the He-Man.org fan-art forums--the goal was to create a new "big bad" for He-Man's rogue's gallery, and the prize was to have the newly created villain drawn by Dylan, Jazyl (AKA Two-Bad), and myself.

The contest actually ended in a tie, and one of the winners was Patreek, who I have previously drawn a fan character for. Here's my interpretation of his character:
click above for larger view

You can check out the thread here, and see the other prize drawings here. Art of the other winner will be posted soon!


Patreek said...

You did such a fantastic job (as usual). He's really fantastic. The cape looks great as well.. and his arm cannon... wow! :-)

J.Ho said...

thanks Patreek, i'm just glad you like how it turned out! :D