January 06, 2011

The only Dave Coulier reference I will ever make: Cut! It! Out!

I have a cool Cutman trading figure sitting on top of my scanner, so I was inspired to do my own take on him:

I was just sort of working out how I would interpret the character, and randomly decided to take it a step further, and render him with markers and colored pencils. This was fun and quick to do, and as always, it feels nice to bust out some traditional media rather than the same old Photoshop stuff I'm used to. Plus, I feel like being on graph paper inherently improves a drawing of a robot.

By the way--some time last year I finished using up the cache of scratch paper that I mentioned in this post. However, I have since found another sizable cache of old college papers and homework... so today's piece is drawn on the backside of a piece of graph paper containing my Chinese vocabulary words. Zhen de!

(That means "Really!")

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