February 24, 2011

Robot Chicken (not the one you're thinking of)

Today's post features Scratch from The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. He's the cohort (and brother) of Grounder, who I posted a drawing of last week:

click above for larger view

As I did with Grounder, I interpreted Scratch with more of a Super Robot feel. This time I was specifically going for a look that resembled the animal-themed Mavericks from Megaman X. I think the final result is a little more tough-looking, while (hopefully) maintaining the cartoony fun of the original.

More Sonic fun coming over the next couple of weeks... but not next week... in case you were wondering.


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Nazario said...

This brings back so many good childhood memories... although I never knew Scratch's English name until now. Looks badass.