June 08, 2011

Message and thanks regarding my commissions to Help The Cheerleader

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please read this post.

FIRST, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Huge thanks and big props to Jessica and Theresa of the LXL (AKA, the League of Extraordinary Ladies) who are managing the site and the fundraising for the Help the Cheerleader campaign. And a special thanks to LXL member Jenn, who facilitated my introduction to Jessica and Theresa.

I totally forgot to mention all that in my last blog post, which I apologize for. Jessica and Theresa were fundraising long before I ever approached them with my idea, and without them, none of this would be possible. They're doing an amazing job, so please shoot them a tweet, or drop a comment on the LXL site to let them know that!

SECOND: The first day of commission requests went great! As of 8:30pm, we had received 14 requests! Requests are being processed, and I will start drawing ASAP! Check back here for updates, I will be posting commissions as I finish them.

IN SUMMARY: Thanks again to Jessica, Theresa, Jenn, and the LXL. Thanks to all my friends on Twitter and Facebook who helped spread the word on this. Thanks to all the strangers on Twitter and Facebook who helped spread the word. And a BIG THANKS to the people who have requested commissions so far!


justJENN said...

You're awesome, homie.
Now what do I order...hm...

Britney said...

you're a badass for this. keep up the good work! I've been spreading the word about your commissions!

J.Ho said...

jenn: thank you!

britney: thanks! i really appreciate the help! :)

Justin Schwier said...

Are you still taking commission requests for this?

J.Ho said...

hi justin, unfortunately, we are capped off for the moment, but please stay tuned for updates. i'll be putting up a post about it today!

trehaus76 said...

Hi Jason,

I'm not great at drawing, but I'm not bad either. I cannot help with money but I would like to offer my services for commissions to be sold if that would help. Please feel free to check out trehaus76.blogspot.com to see if you, or whoever, would be interested in my services. I will make my email available via the blogspot if you would like to contact.

Thank you, and you're doing a great thing here.