July 22, 2011

Lo-Fi Cosplay that I didn't do (Part 1 of 2)

Believe it or not, I was contemplating some lo-fi cosplay for Comic-Con this year, but due to time constraints and, how you say... LAZINESS, I decided against it. However, since the beast Comic-Con is upon us, I figured that drawing up the cosplay concepts from my head would be appropriate. Here's the first one, me as a Green Lantern:


I have truly been enjoying working on the sketch commissions for Help the Cheerleader, but being so entrenched in analog media, I've really been feeling a craving to do some digital coloring again. It felt good to stretch my Wacom muscles.

Tune in next week for a Comic-Con wrap-up and another costume concept. Also green-themed, but a bit more involved, and drawing from Marvel's fiction rather than DC's.

Post Script: I am well aware the term "lo-fi" refers to audio quality and therefore would seemingly have nothing to do with a sketch or a costume. I hope you will pardon the verbal liberty that I have taken.

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