September 09, 2011

Help The Cheerleader Commissions, Round 10!

Here's the tenth round of commissions that I've finished for Help the Cheerleader. To read more about my involvement with this fundraiser, please CLICK HERE.

click above for larger view

From left to right:Kind of funny how a lot of duplicate requests crop up close to each other (I'm posting these sketches somewhat in order). Also, just an FYI for those who are curious--the sketches are NOT drawn to scale--I size them for the blog posts in order to give a sense of character heights. The actual sketches are all close to the same size.

I will continue to post new commissions next week! And even though commissions are closed for now, remember it isn't too late to donate to Help the Cheerleader.


Candy said...

YAY!!! I've been waiting to see mine on here!!! <3 Phoenix/Jean Grey <3

J.Ho said...

:D so happy that you like your sketch, candy! thanks again for donating!