November 18, 2011

Help The Cheerleader Commissions, Round 19!

Here's the nineteenth round of commissions that I've finished for Help the Cheerleader. To read more about my involvement with this fundraiser, please CLICK HERE and HERE

As you may or may not know--the Cheerleader won one of her appeals and the courts are now recalculating her fees. For the moment, Help The Cheerleader donations are on hold because we don't know what the final amount is going to be--it's entirely possible that after the adjustments, the amount owed will be covered by what has been raised so far.

So, as of a few weeks ago, our goal was likely attained, but several people remained on the commission list. I decided to complete the remaining commissions and simply ask the requesters to donate $20 per sketch to the charitable cause of their choice, strictly on the honor system.

It was important to me to honor all the requests, because without the requests, we never would have generated the attention which brought in donors who gave to the cause even though they couldn't get sketches. The chain of events was fragile, and with any missing component, it's possible that we wouldn't have been able to raise such a huge sum.

Here are another 5 sketches for the honor system donors:

click above for larger view

From left to right:
Tune in next week for more commissions. Thanks for reading!

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FREAKAZOID!!!!!!! Nice, PEEMP! ;)