January 26, 2007

That Dude is a Beast, Man!

His name is Beast Man
Fierce Minion of Skeletor
Savage Orange Rage

click above for larger view

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out--just don't try examining his musculature--it's an anatomical mess! Action pose is a little awkward, but better than my Mer-Man or Tri-Klops, I think. As usual, I tweaked the colors a little bit, where I thought it was logical to do so--the biggest change being that I made his arm-pads gold instead of red. I have no idea if there is any precedent for his whip to be made of energy, but the idea of coloring a plain black whip seemed BO-RING. I do know that the villain Blade had an energy whip in the live action Masters of the Universe movie. (+4 geek points)

As usual, this was posted on the He-Man.org fan-art forums. My post is here, the entire thread (including some of my previous sketches) is here.


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

Remember how I said the 'sketchiness' of some of ur previously blogged characters were attractive in the sense it made the drawings look less polished, more active and therefore more dynamic? Yeah, not here. The sketchiness here, sorry bud, seems just a tad messy to me. There's a 'sketchiness' messy and a 'sketchiness' alive with activity and animation (like all living things are, hence one of my reasons for a preferred sketchier look). The color is good and I WAY prefer the contrast of gold padding to the red melding with the fur. Facial expression and horns are amazing. I prefer any sci-fi tweaking of any element, so the whip is way better. Hey, if ur gonna jump the shark...

The action pose is decent. Maybe some of the forshortening is bothering u? The scales seem to shift. It doesn't bother me. All in all not ur best effort but still amazing.

If you ever get tired of drawing fantasy creatures (on 3... 1... 2... 3: BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) pick up an anatomy book and just do mindless life drawings. I wanna see sketchy boobies.

J.Ho said...

thanks for the crits man. i actually prefer the sketchiness of this one over mer-man and tri-klops, but oh well.

life-drawing: yeah, i should... but then again, life drawing is for artists--i'm just a dork with a pen and a scanner!


Don Chente said...

Nice Beast, Man! ( whip sounds )

Anonymous said...

u should next draw Tundro!

JAMILYN said...

Well, once again I seem to have had commenting problems. I think I probably shouldn't try to leave comments when I'm at work, there's probably some weird firewall or bandwidth thing going on there. So, let me attempt to remember what I said. Basically nice Beast Man. I like the sketchiness here, it seems to go with his personality. I thought for a second that I remembered an energy whip in the cartoon but I was probably thinking of Blade's whip. At any rate, it works. As for the coloring, I think it's great. It's kinda funny. When I got Moss man I stripped him (that's right stripped him) of his gear or reignments if you will, (I didn't want him just looking like the repainted Beastman mold that he is) and I swapped Beast Man's pads for the one's that came with his fuzzy green counterpart because I liked the contrast. I also think the black straps are a nice little touch too. Okay, I'm done.

J.Ho said...

Don Chente: thanks!

anonymous: if you think i'd just draw tundro, you're crazy. if you think i'd draw tundro AND the rest of the herculoids, you'd be right--they're on the list, but i make no promises about when you'll see them!

Jamilyn: if i recall correctly, moss man did not come with any accessories besides his mace. i think perhaps you are thinking of the extra set of beast man armor that came in the "Masters of the Universe Weapons Pack." From the photo it looks like that set of armor is more orange than yellow--when i chose to color beastman's armpads gold, i was doing so to match his gold belt.