April 13, 2007

Here Comes A New Challenger!!!

A different kind of contest this time around, at the He-Man.org fan-art forums. The challenge this time was to create an original "evil warrior." This challenge was put out by the awesome action figure customizing group COTU (Customs of the Universe), and they're actually offering some prizes. Contest thread is here, and my post is here. Semi-final voting thread is here. I didn't win, but I was one of the runners-up, and COTU generously offered up prize packages of custom Masters of the Universe accessories! Photos to come in a future post.

And, my creation:
click above for larger view

Malbino is constructed from the following parts:
  • Beastman head
  • Skeletor torso and arms
  • Tri-Klops armor
  • Man-E-Faces pelvis
  • Sy-Klone legs
  • Weapons Pack Power Sword
I already had this character pretty fleshed out in my head before I heard about the contest. The original motivation behind creating Malbino is that I wanted to create characters to wield the various accessories from the classic weapons pack. I hadn't planned on getting around to this sketch for a while, but COTU's contest seemed like a perfect place to present Malbino. The pose and concept are very similar to my version of Felinor, due to the fact that the existence of each character revolves around a duplicate Power Sword. And the name is, of course, a terrible pun in the great tradition of Masters of the Universe. Whaddaya know, I just happen to have a complete background written up for him:

* * *

PROFILE: MALBINO is a virtually unrivaled master of stealth and the sword. His sole concern in life is furthering his mastery of the blade by annihilating any and all who would be his rivals. As a result, he is unapologetically belligerent, even towards his so-called allies. He is armed with a replica of He-Man's power sword, forged by the same master sword-maker who created Felinor's counterfeit blade. It is unknown exactly how many of these forgeries exist. Intense light has been known to blind Malbino temporarily, but due to the fact that he is an expert blind-fighter as well, this knowledge is of little use.

HISTORY: Originally hailing from one of the most remote corners of Eternia, Malbino studied swordplay under the same teacher as his bitter rival, Tri-Klops. He has travelled the world, seeking out and ruthlessly slaying anyone whom he considers a master of the blade. In spite of having carved a bloody path of destruction through the martial world of Eternia, Malbino is little known, largely due to the fact that he has no interest in public glory and rarely leaves witnesses. Having heard that his old rival is engaged in on-going conflict with He-Man, owner of one of the true power swords, Malbino travelled to Snake Mountain to offer his services to Skeletor, determined to kill the opponent that Tri-Klops has failed to defeat. Malbino's violent and efficient methods earned Skeletor's respect, and in spite of Tri-Klop's warnings, Skeletor has made Malbino one of his lieutenants. However, the wandering swordmaster has no real interest in Skeletor's conflicts, he is merely interested in finding more masters of swordsmanship to vanquish. In addition to He-Man, Malbino has set his sights on She-Ra, and a skirmish with the Aracnos forces introduced him to Felinor, whom he took great interest in, for obvious reasons. Even amongst Skeletor's other lieutenants, Malbino has made few allies--he has nearly come to blows with Ninjor and Blade on numerous occasions. However, he has also told Tri-Klops this: "Out of respect for our Master, I will kill you last. For now, we are allies."

* * *


Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

Yeah. Great blahblahblah All albinos are evil just like the Nazis. Consider these guys. *please note sarcasm*

I have to say, this character is immensely bland and boring, even for the eye. I can dig your adoration of MotU and don't usually feel stagnation emitting from your drawings in connection with that universe, because -- if nothing else -- it keeps you drawing. But from this one, the stagnation is such that I can see the 'stink lines' (as Moe once called 'em).

I applaud your piece-mealing abilities, but this time around I find myself reading your post and looking at the pic and asking "Yeah? And?"

Is there another contemporary, hopefully humorous (tho probably not), analogy I can make? wait... did you see Conan last night? He did one of those 'If They Mated' bits where they take celebrities that are rumored to be dating/whatever... last night they mentioned a possible tryst between Bruce Willis and Courtney Love...

I'll give you a second to let that set in...

Anyways... you're like either Bruce or Courney: You seem to be doing your damned best to f*** your way to the middle with this one.

Don't be like Bruce or Courtney, d00d. Be more like Katie Holmes... go for that Utopian gold, my friend. Or WoW gold.

Sorry, buddy. This one falls way short for me.

Atomic Swan Serials and If - E - Zine said...

A quick added elaboration:

I was torn between two things about ur post:

1.) Whether or not I liked it because you were trying to emulate the He-Man style as tho ugh the character were drawn by the creators of the time


2.) Torn by my desire to see you take it one step further and put your own style/spin on it (while I admit your own spin was on the story, etc. just not the style)

I guess my desire to see better and more 'like you' style won out.

Patreek said...

I love this character SOOOO much, and I think its one of my favorite pieces of yours. I love how you combined the different parts to create such a unique and fun character. Great job!


J.Ho said...

lord shen: well, we already talked about this a lot over IM, so for the rest of you comment viewers, suffice it to say that charles and i agreed to disagree. but also he's a stinky poo-poo head.

patrick: thanks dude!