June 21, 2007

Turtle Power (Part 1 of 4): Leader

I did some simple pen drawings during my recent plumbing/flooring crisis that I liked enough to digitally color and post. Here's the first in a series:

click above for larger view

This is not a particularly strong piece on its own, but I think it works well with the others--but you'll have to be the judge of that as I post the others over the next couple of weeks. No preliminary pencil on these--basically I just sketched out a few rough versions in pen and then drew one final version based on those roughs. Minimal photoshop clean-up.

The others in the series:


Anonymous said...

lotsa personality here actually with minimal pen-work... now that's a master!

jazylh said...

This ones the best among the three imo. But theyre all Awesom. Looks like you had alot of fun doing these.

Patreek said...

I think this one is the best actually and I think it works even without the others quite well.

By the way you should post your non-masters stuff in the other section of the .org i think people would enjoy it... if nothing else these guys... :-) Mike Bock will dig it for sure.

J.Ho said...

charles-- i am humbled by your generosity, sir!

jazyl-- thanks man! you're right, these were a lot of fun--plus it's interesting to see which ones people liked best.

patrick-- i appreciate it buddy! i think i will start posting some non-masters stuff at the org, could be fun!