June 29, 2007

Turtle Power (Part 3 of 4): Does Machines

The next in the series:

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I didn't depict Donatello displaying his mechanical prowess, though hopefuly his pensive pose relays his more intellectual nature, as compared to his brothers. I will be talking a little bit more about these pieces once I post the final one in the series--most of what I have to say involves comparing and contrasting the turtle brothers, so it doesn't make sense to bore you folks until you've seen all four pieces. Then it makes total sense to bore y'all.

Current Mood: Productive.
Reading: The Elric Saga: Part I (just finished it).
Watching: They Live, Hellboy: Sword of Storms, and Danny Phantom: Reality Trip.
Still Listening To: the soundtrack for Transformers the Movie. NOTHING'S GONNA STAND IN OUR WAY!

The others in the series:


illgnosis said...

nice.. I like this one.. makes me curious to see a turtle docucomic, the real heartache and everyday struggles of the turtles... deep down they are just real sensitive guys. haha...

Anonymous said...

me rikey!

J.Ho said...

jacob-- dude, i wish you ran mirage comics. lol...

charles-- you so crayzay!